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Charting the Future of Renewable Energy in Virginia

Join the Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (VASEM) for the 2024 VASEM Annual Summit October 28 & 29 in Richmond.

Securing the Future of Cyberspace (2022)

With billions of interconnected devices online, the challenge of securing networks is more critical than ever. With this summit, the Virginia Academy took a snapshot of measures that cybersecurity experts are proposing to secure them in the future.

Building Public Trust in Science (2021)

Held during the COVID quarantine, VASEM’s 2021 summit was our first virtual meeting and the first to focus on social and cultural issues. But given the many challenges the nation faces, it is clear that restoring public trust is imperative.


At the request of policymakers, VASEM has conducted a series of in-depth studies on issues of paramount concern to the Commonwealth.

Strategic Assessments

We identified five promising areas in which the Commonwealth has the fundamental resources and expertise to achieve national prominence.