Nicholas Minster
 COVES Fellow Profile

Nicholas Minster

  • Ph.D. candidate, Computational Biology
  • George Mason University
  • Virginia Biotechnology Association (VBA)

“Through my COVES Fellowship, I gained access to a network of life science leaders and policymakers across Virginia.”

Summer Responsibilities: Nicholas developed a legislative toolkit to help VBA members better understand the policy landscape and interact more productively with state legislators. As part of its development, he proposed policy positions on such issues as prescription drug pricing, rare disease funding, and other issues impacting the bioeconomy.

Background: Nicholas’ long-term research interests involve investigating large databases for molecular signatures and pathways that contribute to the development of human disease and is currently applying these insights to Parkinson’s disease. His goal is to establish and improve the resources available for translational medicine. His current research applies these concepts to Parkinson’s disease. Formerly, he was an NSF fellow working in an interdisciplinary team that engaged with community stakeholders to create fundamental research and translational innovations aimed at challenges related to disability.


  • Ph.D. candidate, Computational Biology, George Mason University
  • M.S., Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology, George Mason University
  • B.S. Biology, George Mason University