Margaret Nagai-Singer
 COVES Fellow Profile

Margaret Nagai-Singer

  • Ph.D. candidate, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
  • Virginia Tech
  • Virginia Department of Forestry

“Working with a state agency underlined the importance of gathering diverse stakeholders and of anticipating unintended policy consequences.” 

Summer Responsibilities: Margaret created a report showing that responsibly managed forests are paramount to protecting Virginia’s water from climate change, urbanization, and development. The report included multiple actions Virginia can take to use forests as green infrastructure to protect water resources. These range from changes to the Code of Virginia that facilitate innovative markets to outlining public outreach campaigns.

Background: Margaret is investigating the effect of the immune system on pancreatic and breast cancer, focusing on an immune system protein that functions as a tumor suppressor in a cell-specific manner. Her passion for science stems from its ability to create a more safe, just, and healthy future. Beyond the lab, she is also passionate about policy and advocacy work. Her excitement for and experience in both science and policy inspired her to pursue science policy as a career.


  • Ph.D. candidate, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Virginia Tech
  • B.S., Animal Science, University of Tennessee (Martin)