Sunil Manandhar
 COVES Fellow Profile

Sunil Manandhar

  • Ph.D. candidate, Computer Science
  • William & Mary
  • Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPA)

“The COVES fellowship taught me a great deal about how policies are made, challenges surrounding the policy-making process, and the importance of discussions that help guide it.”

Summer Responsibilities: As part of VIPA’s Smart Communities Initiative, Sunil met with representatives of companies supplying services to smart communities. He also researched the perspectives of partner companies, state/county officials, and the public, providing a basis for formulating statewide privacy policy applicable to such situations as deploying machine learning in public spaces.

Background: Working with ​Dr. Adwait Nadkarni, Sunil is focusing on the analysis and enforcement of security, safety, and privacy policies in modern operating systems. He is currently building and maintaining frameworks for smart home security and privacy policy analysis.


  • Ph.D. candidate, Computer Science, William & Mary
  • B.Sc., Computer Science and Information Technology, St. Xavier’s College (Nepal)